• Muthuvel


    Founder & CEO. Thaalai technologies

  • Dylan Saccoccio

    Dylan Saccoccio

    I awoke as a snowman in July, in a nightmare world where people accept authority as Truth rather than Truth as authority.

  • Murali A

    Murali A

  • Ana Gauna | @amgauna | www.anagauna.eti.br

    Ana Gauna | @amgauna | www.anagauna.eti.br

    IT Consultant | Senior Business Systems Analyst | Tech Support | Web Developer | SEO | Graphic Designer | Rio de Janeiro — Brazil

  • John Carl Villanueva

    John Carl Villanueva

    Software Evangelist @ JSCAPE | Interested in Infosec, Big Data, Cloud, regulations impacting IT (HIPAA,PCI-DSS,SOX,GLBA...), Java, Linux & connecting w/ you

  • Guxxxta


    gente normal não muda o mundo… se não for divertido, eu não faço!

  • Grégory Betton

    Grégory Betton

    Tech content writer @Mailjetdev and Social geek — Let’s have a chat!

  • Austen Allred

    Austen Allred

    Co-founder of Lambda School — a CS education that’s free until you’re hired https://lambdaschool.com

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