¿Y si mi artículo no es lo suficientemente bueno?


1. Google and search for “regex tester online”

Whichever result you pick, it should work, I always pick the first result, right now is https://regex101.com/


Special Pythagorean, largest palindrome, and more

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Project Euler

First of all, what is Project Euler? Simply put, it is a website with mathematical and computer science problems. It, basically, gives you a problem description and you need to enter the right answer as shown in the following image:

Write better Bash scripts with this template

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  • A shebang focused on portability: #!/usr/bin/env bash
  • The fail-fast principle with the set -o errexit. Don’t worry if you don’t know what any of these options are — I will explain them later.
  • Correct handling of the working directory
  • Clean up resources and files when we are done
  • Help / Usage function
  • Long options, for example…

Home Office

Virtual meeting

0 🐧 leo@lein ~/go-embed $ cat hello.txt 

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Hi! I am Leonardo Gutiérrez R., a passionate software developer, I hope you find the content in this blog interesting. I write about IT related stuff.

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